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"The amazing Torahiko Kusakabe is here! Call me Tora-chan!"

Name: Torahiko Kusakabe

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Artist

Height/Weight: 179 cm/ 59 kg (roughly 5'8''/130 lbs)

Family: Father (an editor for a publishing company,) mother, and an older sister

Overall: Torahiko is a carefree, innocent young man who has made art a part of his life. He is eccentric and upbeat, and is always seen drawing with a smile on his face. Before coming to Etoile Vio, he was a renowned children’s book author with the pen name “Tiger Kid,” but decided to keep this occupation a secret and took up idol training on the side. Torahiko is driven by a strong desire to experience freedom, hates being trapped in routines, never seems to stay put and is always seen travelling. However, his disregard for conventional restraints makes him appear quite egocentric, irresponsible, and wholly self-involved, which can rub people the wrong way.


+ Passionate: Torahiko loves his occupation as an artist, and appreciates people who are devoted to/interested in the arts (e.g other ArS members and Lucas of IB.) His life has revolved around arts for as long as he remembers, and it was stated in Lucas’ event “Conte de fées” that he began his career as a children’s book author since a very young age. Despite the carefree, almost detached disposition he shows toward interpersonal relationships, Torahiko is committed to his crafts and puts his whole heart into the paintings he created. They have been praised by many students in Etoile Vio as the works of a genius.

+ Openhearted (borderline on unfiltered frankness): He is always honest about his opinions and affections, and he rarely shows reservation in expressing them. Besides his enthusiasm and upbeat nature, it is his honest, open regard about everything that makes Torahiko appear charismatic and reassuring for his bandmates. What you see from him is what you get, and he doesn't bother putting up a front.

+ Positive: This is perhaps Torahiko's greatest point: the ability to always look at the brighter side of things, and a readiness to focus on others' good traits. Contrary to first impressions, Torahiko can be surprisingly perceptive, as he perceived right away that Lucas is quite sensitive and softhearted despite the other's stolid exterior. To demonstrate this trait further: when Lucas expressed sadness that his attachment to the bass was actually a manifestation of a neglectful childhood, Tora assured the boy that it was something that brought him to his bandmates and friends, and not something to hold distaste for. 

-Self-involved: Torahiko's worst trait. He is often so wrapped up in his own mind that he may lose track of his surroundings, and the people in it. The ones who bear the full blunt of his heedless nature tend to complain that he often drags them around to follow his whims without much care for their opinions. Most of the time, though, Torahiko's inflated self-entitlement makes him unable to realize the extend of damage his careless nature can cause.

-Aloof: Consider this a side-effect of Torahiko's self-involved nature. Torahiko is nice, but he is far from a nosy goody-two-shoes. Since he is self-absorbed, the artist can appear inconsiderate and airy when it comes to other people's affairs. If a crisis arises that doesn't involve his well-being, chances are, he wouldn't want to get caught up in it. However, Torahiko does make exceptions if the parties involved are 1) in great distress, 2) close to him or 3) desperately need his help.

-Mercurial: Torahiko can be unpredictable and wild with his ideas and behaviors, and usually possesses an unequivocal desire to act out on his mood barring a very few instances. People who interact with him will just have to get used to this, as he will probably never compromise his freedom of expression unless out of necessity.

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