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freedompainter ([personal profile] freedompainter) wrote2015-10-31 08:53 am

{Information. Rules. All those pesky formalities.}

[Let's get these out of the way first before we can have some real fun.]

[About Mun: Name's Elise. They pronoun. My main personal contact is twitter. Drop by if you want a chat. Time zone is Mountain Standard Time (MST.)

This journal is associated with i-chu.

I'm still a minor, but I'm pretty laid-back as far as RP goes. Replies/entries with explicit violence/gore/nsfw contents (although I doubt this journal will have any nsfw stuffs) may take a longer while to come out. You will have to give me a really really really strong context for me to attempt them, though.

I will always tag violent/gore/nsfw contents and put them under read more, and I hope you will respect others enough to do the same. If you need anything else to be tagged, just message and lemme know, since I'm obviously not psychic.

As far as shipping goes: This journal is mostly ship-free for now, until later occurrences convinced me otherwise.

I don't have that many rules. Be nice, have fun, use your common sense. All those good stuffs.

My main ooc tag will be ooc: announcements. My ooc icon is Sorey from Tales of Zestiria.

If there's any change to be made in this entry, I will notify you.]